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Black Friday Sale: 2016 Edition!

“When I see the name TeenPact on a water bottle, frisbee, or guitar pick, it brings back memories of my entire TeenPact experience. A hoodie from my last state class, the latest color deck of cards just because, a sharpie that signed my bill into “law” at Congress. Having the TeenPact star logo around the house somehow keeps me smiling. The TeenPact Store is a cache of tangible reminders of my TeenPact story, the life lessons I’ve learned, and how God has used TeenPact to change me.” Kailey (WY)

It’s Thanksgiving week. As TeenPact families around the country gather to celebrate, we’re excited to announce our annual Online Store sale! Visit our store page here to browse our items featuring new product photos and the 2016 Christmas Mug! Even if you are unable to support TeenPact financially throughout the year, 100% of the Online Store profit goes directly to our programs. This coming weekend, use the coupon code (details below) to get 15% off your order! Can’t choose between all the great gift options? Here’s what our customers are saying:


“My favorite item in the store is the TPA sticker (stands for TeenPact Appropriate). From its’ classic look to the awesome meaning, nothing beats the TPA sticker. I first saw the sticker at Judicial and immediately loved it. I think I bought four, placing them on everything – my TeenPact Nalgene, notebook, and laptop.” 

Joel (NE)


“The TeenPact Ultimate Disc is something I’ve carried everywhere since buying it. Also, people who see my disc are drawn into a conversation about what TeenPact is. If you love both TeenPact and flying discs, the natural conclusion is you need a TeenPact Ultimate Disc!” 

Samuel (AK)


“I’ve purchased both the playing cards and guitar pick. The thing I enjoy most about them is the fact that I can use high quality, practical items while promoting TeenPact!” 

Naomi (IN)


“My favorite item is the Nalgene water bottle. It’s useful, fun to carry around, and you can put your favorite stickers on it.” 

Seth (VA)


“The worship albums “All for Jesus” and “Renewal” are easy listening and great for a carload of TeenPacters road-tripping. I know that no matter how off key we may sound after a week at Survival, these two discs keep us singing along.” 

Kailey (WY)


“My absolute favorite item from the store is the TeenPact hoodie. TeenPact hoodies are so warm and comfortable! They are the only kind I own anymore! Wherever I go, I am constantly asked where my sweater is from, so it’s an awesome way to spread the word about TeenPact and its mission!” 

Hannah (CT)

Sale Details!

  • When: Friday (November 25) through Giving Tuesday (November 29).
  • What: 15% off your purchases.
  • How: During checkout, enter this coupon code: givethanks2016

Lastly, for all of your other online shopping needs this season, remember to support TeenPact through AmazonSmile. By visiting and selecting Family Resource Network (TeenPact’s official incorporated name), a percentage of every purchase that you make will be donated directly to TeenPact. For more information, check out our past blog post here.

Visit the Online Store today: We look forward to processing your order!

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