Board of Directors

TeenPact Leadership School is blessed to be under the gracious leadership of an Executive Board of Directors who provide oversight and counsel for our ministry. We are grateful for the wisdom and investment each one of these men and women offer.

– Tim Echols (member since establishment in 1996)
– Rowland Cocks (member since establishment in 1996)
– Cindy Cocks (member since establishment in 1996)
– Curtis Whatley (member since 2005)
– Justin Neal (member since 2005)
– Emily Matson (member since 2006)
– Erik Christensen (member since 2006)
– Beth Gebert (member since 2007)
– Peter Martin (member since 2007)
– Janet Baber (member since 2013)
– John Seldenrust (member since 2013)

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