Meet the Founder

Mr. Tim Echols

Tim Echols got the idea for TeenPact while attending a prayer meeting in the basement of the Georgia Capitol in the winter of 1993. From there, he and some of the pastors in attendance at that meeting named the concept “TeenPact” and Tim begin to put together the curriculum—most of which is still used today. The name “TeenPact” came from the idea of “teens making an impact.” Since that first class in 1994, there have been over 28,000 children, teens, and parents participate in TeenPact classes nationwide.

Tim got his start in ministry with Campus Crusade for Christ where he worked with the high school division called Student Venture. After five years with Campus Crusade, Tim started a new non-profit with the help of his pastor, Dr. John Rowell. With help from people like the late Nancy Schaefer, Dr. Ron Crews, Gregg Harris, Dennis Schiedt and others, Tim tweaked the TeenPact concept taking it to South Carolina, Kentucky, Alabama and a host of early states in the 90’s. The idea of having student staff came from Tim’s high school days where he worked at a Student Council Camp. Then, in college at the University of Georgia, Tim worked at the Baptist Student Union to send teams of Baptist students all over Georgia. Both of those experiences helped Tim shape TeenPact into the “youth-led” organization it is today.

Several of TeenPact’s early students now serve on the Board of Directors: Emily Smith Matson, Justin Neal, and Curtis Whatley. The entire Richmond headquarters is run by former students. Tim has always tried to give young people every opportunity to lead to their fullest potential and is known for pushing students out of their comfort zone.

Tim and Windy have been married for over 30 years and have seven children. Their oldest, Emily, graduated from Bryan College in Dayton, Tennessee. The others are stair-stepped in age down to Annie, age 16. The Echols come from a long line of entrepreneurs.

Tim has an undergraduate and two Masters degrees from the University of Georgia. He has served on numerous boards including the Governor’s Office of Children and Families, CASA, the Arlington Group, and is a member of the prestigious Council for National Policy. He has worked tirelessly in the prolife movement with Care Net, the Justice Foundation and Georgia Right to Life. Tim has also served as Treasurer and spokesman for U.S. Congressman Paul Broun from Georgia’s 10th district. Tim is a frequent contributor to the Athens Banner Herald where he writes Op-Ed pieces about conservative politics.

Tim was saved at the Rock Baptist Church at age 11 during a “High Flight” Revival in Rex, GA. Tim rededicated his life to the Lord as a college freshman and became a summer youth worker at First Baptist of Cochran, GA that summer. He has been working with young people ever since.

Tim grew up in South Atlanta, the oldest of four boys. He thanks his mom and dad for taking him to church and putting him under the preaching of the Gospel.

Currently, Tim was elected to the Public Service Commission in November 2010. He serves in that capacity full time. The PSC regulates energy, telecom and transportation in Georgia.

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