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“Changing Lives to Change the World”

“Why not? Why not believe that one day the most critically acclaimed director in Hollywood could be an active Christian layman in his church? Why not hope that the Pulitzer Prize for investigative reporting could go to a Christian journalist? Is it really too much of a stretch to think that a major exhibit at the Museum… Read more »

TeenPact in 2017

Greetings from Richmond, Virginia! One year has just drawn to a close and we are now embarking on the new year, and a new season for TeenPact Leadership Schools.  Every year we spend a lot of time preparing for the upcoming year and transitioning from one year to the next.  Documents need to be updated,… Read more »

An Alumni Story | Bryce Melvin

Over 17 years ago, I attended my first TeenPact State Class at the Florida Capitol. As a 12-year-old student, I was not of age for the Four Day Class so, with the help of my mom, I wrote a letter requesting a waiver to attend the class. A few weeks before the class, I broke… Read more »

All Glory Be To Christ

Over the past several months I have experienced a growing conviction which I believe to be from the Lord. Perhaps you can relate to what I’ve been going through. Paul writes about this very thing in Galatians 1. “I am astonished that you are so quickly deserting him who called you in the grace of… Read more »

“That’s what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown.”

Have you watched A Charlie Brown Christmas? It’s a personal favorite to watch every holiday season. I thought I might use this 1965 classic to remind us of what Christmas is really all about. All throughout the episode, Charlie Brown and his friends consistently misunderstand Christmas. At one point, Charlie Brown looks over at his friend Linus… Read more »

“Hearing God’s Voice Over the Noise”

This week’s installment of the TeenPact Blog is written by Brandon Batchelor (NE). Brandon served on staff at TeenPact’s Advanced Survival Adventure Program (“ASAP”), held October 24-29 in Del Rio, Tennessee. There’s something beautiful and insightful about spending time in the wilderness, surrounded by God’s beautiful creation; I can’t think of a better way to appreciate God’s majesty…. Read more »

“Get Out of Your Comfort Zone”

This week’s installment of the TeenPact Blog is written by Brent Buterbaugh (OH). Brent participated as a student at TeenPact’s Advanced Survival Adventure Program (“ASAP”), held October 24-29 in Del Rio, Tennessee. One of the central tenants of a TeenPact program is the dreaded phrase: “Get out of your comfort zone”. In a State Class setting,… Read more »

Black Friday Sale: 2016 Edition!

“When I see the name TeenPact on a water bottle, frisbee, or guitar pick, it brings back memories of my entire TeenPact experience. A hoodie from my last state class, the latest color deck of cards just because, a sharpie that signed my bill into “law” at Congress. Having the TeenPact star logo around the… Read more »

My Experience at TeenPact Venture

This week’s installment of the TeenPact Blog comes from Danny Pearson (FL). Danny attended TeenPact Venture 2016, held October 16-21 in Dayton, Tennessee. I came into the week with big expectations, and still they were exceeded.  I had never attended Venture before this year, but I had heard from several friends that it was great.  It gave… Read more »

“Trusting God”

Tomorrow we vote to elect the next President of the United States. If you are a current TeenPact student, you are likely saying to yourselves, “I am too young to vote in this election.” And that is true. However, as is often communicated at the State Class and other Alumni Events, you are not too… Read more »