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Meet Your 2016 Interns!

We’ve said it many times before–without volunteers, TeenPact could not exist. The vast majority of people who run our programs are unpaid individuals who selflessly give of their time and resources to serve the Lord through this ministry. One particular group that we are excited to highlight today is the traveling intern team. If you’re… Read more »

Support TeenPact through AmazonSmile!

There are many ways to invest in TeenPact. From financial support to prayer to volunteering, every little bit helps support our vision of Changing Lives to Change the World. Today, we wanted to share one of the simplest ways to support this ministry–through AmazonSmile, a charitable branch of Amazon, Inc. Amazon is currently one of… Read more »

TeenPact Back to DC

TeenPact began offering State Classes in Georgia in 1994. Founder Tim Echols and a supportive group of volunteers helped to expand to other states in the South, and within five years TeenPact had started classes in fourteen states including New Mexico, Colorado, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Hawaii. Alumni Events were then created to bring these… Read more »

TeenPact Judicial: Student Testimony

TeenPact’s vision is “Changing Lives to Change the World.” We offer Christian discipleship programs throughout the summer for our TeenPact Four Day Class Alumni students. Please enjoy this student testimony from Evelyn Hanks, an Alumni student from North Carolina who attended TeenPact Judicial, June 21-27, 2015. I first attended TeenPact Judicial the summer after my ninth… Read more »

TeenPact Venture

TeenPact offers Alumni Events throughout the summer and fall. Some teach leadership through the lens of government, other events use survival skills, and still others take an entirely different approach. We have an event for guys only called TeenPact Venture. But it’s not about man-grunts and bacon. That’s not what it means to be a… Read more »

TeenPact Survival

  You are a FOLLOWER. “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake and the gospel’s will save it. For what does it profit a man to gain… Read more »

OFFICIAL RELEASE: TeenPact Promotional Videos

This past April, we gave you an inside look at communications within TeenPact–the workings, heart, and vision behind it all. Then, last month, we gave you a behind-the-scenes look at one of the exciting projects, the creation of TeenPact promotional videos. Today, the waiting is over! It is time to officially release the video (which premiered… Read more »

TeenPact Endeavor

This one is for the ladies. Being a women in today’s society is hard. Pressure to be a certain way exists on every side. Be more assertive, be less aggressive. Embrace femininity, but don’t be too girly. Look like this, talk like that. Attract him. Make friends with her. Conform. Stand out. BE BETTER. Such… Read more »

TeenPact Congress

  Set the alarm. Go to sleep. It’s been a long work day. Wake up. Shower. Professional attire. Breakfast. In hand, The TeenPact Times, your favorite newspaper about the previous day’s goings-on, in and around the session. Oh yeah, the fashion column. Check out President Luke Martin’s shirt/tie combo. Nice. #ThanksFitzpatrick Check the sunrise. Perfect. The buses… Read more »

Summer Opportunities

“Follow me.” These are the words of the most inspirational leader of all time. Jesus looked at these two fishermen, Peter and Andrew, and said, “Follow me.” What did they do? Immediately they left their nets and followed him. Jesus taught truth and lived out love. His teaching and his example are meant to inspire… Read more »