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Many of you know that being the CEO of TeenPact is my second career and you also know that I spent over 28 years working for group health insurance companies over that time – in Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and Hartford, Connecticut. You may not know that I was a Group Insurance Underwriter, or even know what that means. Primarily it means that I worked with facts and figures – with numbers to determine the price of group insurance policies. In short, I enjoy reviewing, analyzing, and working with numbers.

When I was asked to write a Midseason Update, I was tempted to tell you how many students we have had through the program to date, how many miles the Program Directors and Interns have traveled, how many days until National Convention, etc. That update would be very easy to write.

However, I want to share some stories from the first half of the season – stories shared by the State Coordinators and Class Directors in emails and letters, by the students and the parents in the written and on-line evaluations, and by the 2017 Program Directors and Interns as they gathered in Richmond for a time of refreshment and renewal these last few days. As I continued to hear these stories, there was a common theme, and that theme was the impact that TeenPact is having on entire families – thanks be to God.

  • Arizona was one of the earliest classes this season, and Kim Ballam, the State Coordinator wrote me the following, “I am deeply grateful for all the ways the Lord leads and provides for all our needs at the Capitol. It is a ministry that is inspiring young people and their parents to care more about each other in important ways, also their churches, families, and country in new ways. GOD BE PRAISED!”
  • Program Director Hoyt Crouch shared that during the student prayer walks in Texas, the parent chaperones gathered together and prayed for the students AND for each other, sharing a sweet moment of prayer in the Texas Capitol.
  • Our State Coordinators from Kentucky, Peggy and Eric Adams shared the following, “TeenPact has been one of the strongest, positive influences for our family for about 15 years. Our oldest daughter attended her first class when she was 13. With each passing year, we have been more convinced that TeenPact has much to offer our family and many others. TeenPact raises the bar in so many vital aspects of a successful Christian life: service, leadership, and most importantly, a full commitment to Christ.”
  • Preston Glisson, Intern had the opportunity of leading the Alabama State Class this year and his whole family was involved. His brother staffed, two siblings attended as students, and the entire family of 11 showed up for the graduation at the end of the week. This was repeated in other states as well, such as Mississippi, Virginia, Texas, and more.
  • State Coordinators Kathy and Kevin Gentzler commented after the Kansas class, “This was the first time in 15 years to do TeenPact without a child there. Very different, but we found we still have the passion for the ministry.”
  • I spoke to a mom from Montana who was so excited that her son was strongly encouraged to run for office, and had made it out of the primary. She was looking forward to watching him in the open forums, realizing how much he was growing in confidence and trusting in the Lord.

It is certainly true that God works directly through our individual hearts, but it is also abundantly clear that He has put us in families and works through our families. That has become even more apparent this year through TeenPact.

May God continue to work through TeenPact and inspire each of us and our families to continue to seek Him in all our actions. Do you have a story of how God has worked in your family during your time in TeenPact? I would love to hear from you; Thank you for joining us for the second half of our season!

Peter Martin

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