Every year at National Convention, our biggest alumni event, the TeenPact nation elects representatives, senators, a vice president and a president. These young people are chosen to exemplify the values and distinctives of our national ministry.  Candidates demonstrate leadership by running intense and extensive campaigns and participating in open forums before the primary and general elections. A national election takes place on-site at National Convention, with a large population of absentee voters who are involved in TeenPact but could not attend the event. After the general election results are announced, the winning candidates participate in an official inauguration ceremony.

2013 Elected Officials

President & Vice President:
McBryde Campbell (SC) & Christian Edmonds (OR)

Christian Brazell (TX)
Hannah Funk (GA)
Josiah Showman (OK)
Benjamin Sullivan (FL)

Rachel Blunk (MO)
Christian Heritage (GA)
Sarah Hill (AL)
Isaac Moore (IN)
Will Payne (GA)
Rachel Seldenrust (OK)
Brenden Smith (OK)
Madelyn Sullivan (FL)
Lake Williams (MS)

Congratulations to all the young men and women who ran for office — even if you didn’t win you displayed courage, passion and purpose in your campaigns. And hey, it’s never too early to start thinking about running at National Convention in 2014.¬† Party platforms and election rules will be released soon. This could be your year!


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