TeenPact Hall of Fame

The TeenPact Hall of Fame exists to recognize and honor TeenPact Alumni who have significantly impacted the TeenPact community or their world with the vision and goals of TeenPact Leadership Schools by living a life of excellence. Nominees must be out of TeenPact as a student or student-staffer for at least 3 years to qualify. To nominate someone, please email alumni@teenpact.com.

Please enjoy reading about the inspiring lives of TeenPact Alumni in the TeenPact Hall of Fame:

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Inductees Rowland and Cindy Cocks on stage at National Convention 2016

2016 Hall of Fame Inductees

Rowland and Cindy Cocks

Mr. and Mrs. Cocks have served on the TeenPact Leadership Schools Board of Directors since inception. They have participated and served in various capacities over the years – State Coordinator, Class Director, Treasurer/Accountant, Endeavor Event Director, TeenPact parents, Intern Selection Committee, and much more. Ever present and ever graceful, they have represented TeenPact in many wonderful ways over the years. Mr. Cocks works as a Certified Public Accountant and is known to have a great love for competitive sports, including participating in Ultimate Frisbee and Volleyball at National Convention. Mrs. Cocks has an adventurous spirit herself, having enjoyed skydiving and bungee-jumping, among many other activities, in recent years. They live in Atlanta and are parents to four grown children and five grandchildren.

2015 Hall of Fame Inductees

Vivian Davis

Vivian Davis was the first employee hired by TeenPact and served as office administrator for over 10 years. She wore many hats during her time with TeenPact including handling donations, state class and alumni event registration (by hand!), and other administrative work for ministry. Miss. D. served as surrogate mother, grandmother, or mentor to dozens of interns, staff members, and students as they passed through the TeenPact office in Atlanta. She is greatly loved by all TeenPacters and is a mother/grandmother to many. She also happens to be Founder Tim Echols mother-in-law!

Justin Neal

Justin attended his first TeenPact class in GA in 1995, and then went on to staff many state classes and Alumni events, including the inaugural Back to DC event. He was elected as TeenPact President in 1998 and introduced the Presidential Bibles. Justin has been a favorite speaker at several National Conventions and is a TeenPact Board member (since 2005) Justin is currently a financial advisor for Northwestern Mutual, and is married to his wife Lindsey, and they have two young sons.

2014 Hall of Fame Inductees

Emily Matson

Emily was a TeenPact student in 1995, interned in 1998, and helped start the first Judicial event.  She has been involved at various times over the years, particularly with TeenPact Judicial.  Emily has been a TeenPact Board member since 2006, is a practicing attorney in Rome, GA, is married to her husband, Patrick, and has two children.  Emily is a gifted singer and musician, and has led worship at her church.

Tim Echols

Mr. Tim Echols founded TeenPact Leadership Schools 20 years ago, with the first state class occurring in Atlanta, Georgia in 1994 with 18 students.  The initial concept of having teens making an impact in their community and their culture continues today on a nationwide basis.  Mr. Echols and his wife, Windy have been married for over 30 years and have seven children.  Mr. Echols worked for Campus Crusade for Christ, and in his family’s used car business.  Mr. Echols was elected to the Public Service Commission in November 2010.  In this full time capacity, the PSC regulates energy, telecom, and transportation in the state of Georgia.

2013 Hall of Fame Inductees

John Legg

John first attended his first Georgia TeenPact class in 1995, served as a staffer and eventually as a Program Director in 2000. John’s ability to lead, commitment to excellence and many years of service made him a pillar in the TeenPact community. In addition to state classes, John helped to create, staff and direct the TeenPact Judicial program which continues to this day. After graduating from Kennesaw State University, John went on to graduate Magna Cum Laude from Regent University School of Law. John used his law degree to clerk for the U.S. Court of Appeals and for the U.S. District Court before joining the United States Air Force as part of the JAG Corps where he currently is serving. John and his wife, Karen, live in North Carolina with their three daughters.

Nathanael Yellis

Nathanael attended Maine’s first State Classs in 2002. It was transformative and became the first of 50+ TeenPact weeks he would attend. He staffed in 2004, interned in 2005, and Program Directed in 2006. Nathanael met his college roommate and best man at his wedding at the Massachusetts class in 2004, and his wife, Rebekah at Intern training in 2005. Later he had the opportunity to serve as the Maine Class Director, and he currently works as the Deputy Political Director at Heritage Action. Nathanael and his wife have a year-old baby girl, Rosie, and they support TeenPact because they know that God is working through TeenPact.

2012 Hall of Fame Inductees

Elizabeth Owens

Elizabeth is the eldest of 9 children and first attended TeenPact in Georgia in 1995. She then the Alumni Weekend (became National Convention) in 1996 where she was elected Governor at that event, the first elected TeenPact Nationwide official (became President). In some respects Elizabeth is the George Washington of TeenPact. After her passion ignited at TeenPact, she attended Georgia State University and was an on air political reporter. Elizabeth continued blending her reporting and political interest after college, and has worked in television in South Carolina, Ohio, North Carolina, and now back in Georgia. She is currently an investigative reporter for WRDW TV in Augusta, working to uncover corruption and misuse of government money, using skills she learned at TeenPact.

Curtis Whatley

Curtis attended TeenPact Alabama in 1996 and went on to staffer, Intern, Program Director, and later Guest/Class Director. He started TeenPact’s outdoor alumni events, Survival, Challenge Basic, and Challenge Extreme. He also started several state classes like Oklahoma (4 students) and Wyoming. He currently serves on the TeenPact board as vice president and is Event Directing Survival. A funny TeenPact experience would be the time he program directed the Hawaii class and all week long felt awful – runny nose, cough, congestion, etc. He had all the classic signs of the common cold. It wasn’t until the end of the week that he realized he was allergic to the flowered lei he had been given when he arrived. He had hung it on the bed post and slept by it every night that week! And a fun fact: Curtis had the uncanny ability of getting rooms and speakers in Capitol buildings around the country.

Jenny Whatley McGoldrick

In the book, Experiencing God, by Henry Blackaby, the author suggests that we look for where God is working and join Him. Jenny Whatley McGoldrick joined God at work by allowing God to change her plans and join His work at TeenPact. In the year 2000, TeenPact had a time of crisis: Mrs. Echols was ill, and Mr. Echols could not keep traveling to continue running TeenPact. At twenty-one years old, Jenny quit graduate school so that she and her brother, Curtis, could keep TeenPact going. In the next few years, Jenny and Curtis poured themselves into TeenPact. They opened TeenPact in new states and they started the staff training program. Jenny worked as the first Development Director for TeenPact, raising funds to keep the ministry alive.  Outside of TeenPact, they led others to be involved in campaigns by starting Student Project. Jenny’s willingness to change her plans and go to work for TeenPact allowed TeenPact to grow.  This ministry is better because of Jenny’s joy, energy, and investment in others.

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