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Greetings from Richmond, Virginia!

As the first snow of the season began to fall this morning, our leadership team departed Richmond on a twenty hour road trip to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

The 2016 year and TeenPact Season is finally upon us. When we arrive tomorrow we will begin a week of training with our 2016 Interns. That will be followed by a week of training with over 150 staffers in Davis, Oklahoma. Would you be willing to commit to pray for us during this time, as well as throughout the season?

In particular, as this year begins, I would ask for you to pray the following.

  • God would be glorified – though we gather for training and focus on many elements of the TeenPact curriculum and policies, first and foremost I pray that God would be glorified in all that we do at state Capitols, camps, and many other places around the country.
  • Deepened Relationships – pray that students, staffers, parents, and others would deepen relationships with one another, but more importantly that relationships with God would grow and change. As iron sharpens iron, may we sharpen one another to serve God more fully.
  • Travel Mercies – this week we drive two TeenPact vans from Richmond to Oklahoma and one van from Denver to Oklahoma. Fourteen of the Interns will fly in on Wednesday. And that begins the travel season for TeenPact. Please pray for safety in travel – driving and flying thousands of miles.
  • Completion of Work – though much has been done in anticipation of the season, we still have boxes to be shipped, registration to be billed, more supplies to be purchased, meals to be made, and so much more. Over 700 volunteers help us to complete this work, and I am grateful for each one. May they feel blessed and encouraged in their work.
  • Purity – students, staffers, Interns, Program Directors, and many adults are bombarded with many temptations on all sides. Please pray for clean hands and a pure heart for all involved.

Blessings in 2016!

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