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Meet Your 2017 Interns!

TeenPact was founded with a mission to train youth to understand the political process, value their liberty, defend the Christian faith, and engage the culture at a time in their lives when, typically, they do not care about such things. This remains our mission today.

From the first State Class in Georgia in 1994 to the expansion across the nation, TeenPact has grown in the number of students and classes. Perhaps the more important growth that has taken place, though, is not found in the breadth of the ministry so much as the depth of the ministry.

Thanks to the work of many volunteers and ministry leaders, TeenPact has built a strong emphasis on Gospel-centered discipleship. From Bonjour (personal Bible study) and Rendezvous (student dorm life) to the excellence found in preparing for leading worship and devotions, the spiritual impact that TeenPact makes year-in and year-out is undeniable. To be clear, though, we do not claim to have built this success ourselves. We attribute the success of TeenPact to the divine providence of God and His blessing on this ministry.

Through TeenPact God is reaching the hearts and minds of students and “changing lives to change the world.”

Thanks to the volunteer work of so many, TeenPact continues to develop and refine our leadership and discipleship training. Many volunteer hours are poured into our State Classes each spring. If you know TeenPact, you know how much our Traveling Intern team means to us. Each year a select group of young leaders pour their time, passion, and creativity into serving, leading, and raising up the next generation of Christian leaders.

If you’re a friend of TeenPact then you already know of these people well. This is a group of young adults who spend about 16 weeks each year traveling full time to direct our State Classes, as well as many alumni events. These are people who are known for their charisma and leadership but are talented teachers and humbled to serve. They run off of little sleep, deep conversations, long van rides, planning, praying, pursuing the hearts and minds of students, and giving of all that they have. They become the boots on the ground, the public face of our ministry. Even still, the most important characteristic for an intern to posses is humility.

Each year, when a new team of interns arrive at training, the first thing that they learn is how to train their replacements. Discipleship is the primary goal of their internship, and so they are actively investing in others to take their place the following year. There is no excessive lauding or celebration that they’ve “made it to the top,” but rather a deep appreciation is instilled for what God is doing in and through them. They know that they have by no means arrived, put it all together, or achieved some great goal. Instead, they are instruments in the Redeemer’s hands, to be used for the glory of the Kingdom in a very unique and special way.

I know that each of the individuals that you are about to meet are excited to get to know you this coming season. They aren’t perfect, but they are worth following. So, without further ado…

Click here to meet the 2017 Traveling Intern Team


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