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Meet your Elected Officials!

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One of the most exciting parts of our annual National Convention are the elections. Every year, students from all over the country run nation-wide campaigns to win one of nine representative seats, 4 senatorial positions, or even the role of President and Vice President of TeenPact. Our elected officials work throughout the year serving TeenPact families by being human representations of our ministry. They have a passion to promote our programs as well as work on projects that will impact many generations of students to come.

Campaigns are intense and span the weeks leading up to the event as candidates reach out to students through email, blogs, and a myriad of social media outlets. During national convention, all candidates participate in party caucuses, open forums, and primary elections as well as a live-streamed general open forum and Presidential and Vice Presidential debates. The voting process is based on the electoral college model where students cast their vote (either on-site or absentee) thus determining which candidates will win the electoral votes from their home state. Everything culminates on election night, a fast-paced, live news production in which the poll results are announced.

This past election cycle was no exception to the excitement. You’ve already met our 2015-2016 elected officials, but we wanted to highlight them here as well.

2015 – 2016 TeenPact Representatives

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Back Row: Matthew Wagner (AZ), Jordan Smith (FL), Bennett Williamson (OR), Brent Vastbinder (FL), Zach Kauffman (IL) Front Row: Holly White (NC), Amanda Wiggins (FL), Evie Rupp (OH), Kathleen Sullivan (FL)

2015 – 2016 TeenPact Senators

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David Armbruster (IN), Jeremiah Fitzpatrick (FL), William Callen (MS), Noah Martin (VA)

2015 – 2016 TeenPact President and Vice President

(Pictured here with the former President and Vice President)

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Former President Caleb Fitzpatrick (FL), President Luke Martin (VA), Vice President Anna Jolibois (LA), Former Vice President Hayley Renfrow (AR)

Here’s to a fantastic year with these young men and women in office!

To learn more about our national elections, click here.


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