August 6-11, 2017 Tallahassee, FL

Program Director: Representative Josh Cockroft

Event Director: TBA

Students: $319

($299 through June 7)

Parents: $249

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For years TeenPact students have raved about the vibrant, interactive “Mock Legislature” portion of our state class.  With this in mind, we created an national-scale event called TeenPact Congress!  It is a legislative experience unlike anything TeenPact has ever produced.

During this event, students will have the opportunity to serve as US TeenPact Senators, Representatives, Reporters, and Lobbyists, as they walk through the legislative process from opening session to sine die. In this “hands on” environment, each participant will learn, practice and defend the theory and process of representing citizens and making public policy.  Students will have the ability to sponsor bills, participate in committee meetings, work with lobbyists*, as well as debate and amend bills on the floor of the Florida House and Senate Chambers. Those interested in media will be able to take part in live press conferences and interviews, followed by the opportunity to report on their investigative findings.

After the heat of the legislative battle, students will return to camp and experience the joy of TeenPact worship, competition of ultimate frisbee, and the spiritual growth of rendezvous.  End your summer with TeenPact friends and an experience that will make a lasting impression on your life!

Positions are subject to availability and are on a first come first serve basis; make sure to register today to ensure your spot! Those interested in media are encouraged to sign up to be a reporter, as you will have tracks special to your field.

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Student Downloads

Please check back for important homework documents.

Housing Information

We’ll be staying at Woodmen of the World’s Richard W. Ervin Youth Camp (22459 NE Woodman of the World Road, Hosford, FL 32334) and commuting to the Florida state capitol each day. Hint: use mapquest, not google maps.

Travel Information

For those driving: Please arrive at the camp between 2pm-5pm on Sunday, August 6, and plan on leaving between 10am-12pm on Friday, August 11. Log-in to to enter your travel information. If you are interested in organizing a carpool, please let us know so we can connect you with other students from your area.

For those flying: Book your flight into Tallahassee, FL. Please arrive by 3pm on Sunday, August 6, and depart after 12pm on Friday, August 11. TeenPact staff will meet you at your baggage claim when you arrive; wear a TeenPact shirt to help us find you! We will deliver you back to your ticketing counter when you depart. Log-in to to enter your travel information.

What to Bring


– Bedding (pillow, sheets/blanket/sleeping bag)

– Towel and toiletries

– Bible, notebook, pen, reusable water bottle, umbrella, flashlight

– A snack to share at Coffeehouse (girls bring sweet, guys bring salty)

– Money for the TeenPact store (optional)

– Homework — New information will be provided on how to prepare for the week prior to your arrival.

Remember, we will be media-free during this week so plan on leaving your cell phones, iPods, books, laptops etc in your suitcase during the week.

What to Wear

– To create a distraction-free atmosphere, please bring only “TPA” clothing. Check out the dress code before packing). If you’re not sure, don’t bring it!

– Bring three days of professional clothes for our time at the capitol, and one business casual outfit (see below for guidelines). Casual clothes for the evenings is fine.

– Bring at least one outfit that you don’t mind getting dirty!

Business Casual for Guys:

  • We require a collared shirt (polo or button-up; no logos, please).
  • We require khakis, slacks, or a solid, dark wash denim pant (no faded or torn denim, corduroys, shorts, or cargo pants).
  • We require loafers or dress shoes (no sandals or tennis shoes).
  • Optional: tie and/or blazer.

Business Casual for Girls:

  • We require a dressy shirt or blouse (fabric should not be sheer and must have sleeves; no logos, please).
  • We require dress pants, solid, dark wash denim, or skirts covering the knee when sitting/standing (no faded or torn denim, corduroys, or shorts).
  • We require dress shoes (i.e., heels, ballet flats, etc. no casual sandals or tennis shoes.).
  • Optional: blazer.
Congress Roles


Citizen Voters: Everyone will have the right to vote as a TeenPact Citizen and will register with a party in the beginning of the event, to determine majority and minority parties.

Senators & Representatives: Will be responsible for researching the bills ahead of time and choosing which bills they would like to sponsor. Each legislator will be assigned to a committee and will participate in the process of examining, debating, & voting bills out of committee. Once all the bills go through committee the legislative sessions will begin in the House and Senate.

Lobbyist: Will be lobbying on behalf of different bills during committee meetings, have the opportunity to serve as pages in the House and Senate, and will also get to learn about the Supreme Court, through participating in a mock trial.

Reporter: Will be researching different news stories within our “mock” legislative session and will be publishing a daily newspaper. In addition they will be responsible for taking pictures and assembling the memory slideshow at the end of the week.

photo cred: special thanks to Tanner Henvey.

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