July 9-15, 2017 Lynchburg, VA

Program Director: Luke Martin

Event Director: John Legg

Students: $399

($379 through May 10)

Parents: $259

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Hosted at the beautiful campus of Liberty University School of Law, students attending TeenPact Judicial experience a full-immersion week of law school.

Pre-event study prepares you to jump into a one-of-a-kind intellectual experience wherein you benefit from Law School professors’ interactive lectures on topics including “Introduction to Legal Reasoning” and “Foundations of Law.”  The special emphasis on appreciating the Judeo-Christian roots of our judicial system integrates biblical worldview into both study and conversation.

Working alongside a small brief-writing team, students are empowered to draft a legal brief and present oral arguments.  TeenPact staff and Liberty Law School professors coach students through the appellate process as they analyze facts and issues of a realistic case file, write a legal brief, and craft oral arguments.

The highlight of the week is undoubtedly the two-day Moot Court Tournament where students argue their case against opposing counsel before a panel of judges. Congratulations to the past two Moot Court Tournament Champions: Anna Harvey (’15) and Spencer Rothfuss (’16).

Beyond these thrilling academic opportunities, Judicial students enjoy all the distinctive elements of a TeenPact event.  These include morning worship and devotionals, intentional small-group time, afternoon free time, and evening sessions.

If you are looking to deepen your relationship with Christ and continue developing the skills of an effective servant leader, join us for TeenPact Judicial!

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Housing Information

TeenPact Judicial staff, students, and parent chaperones are privileged to stay on-site in Liberty University’s dorms. Dorms are partially-furnished apartment suites which consist of a central living space, unfurnished kitchen, and laundry facilities. Campus Map: http://www.liberty.edu/map/

Travel Information

Driving: Please arrive between 2pm-4pm on July 9th. Plan to depart between 9am-10am on July 15th. 

Flying: Book your flight into either Lynchburg (LYH) or Richmond (RIC). TeenPact staff will meet you at baggage claim shortly after you arrive; wear a TeenPact shirt to help us find you! You must arrive before 2pm on July 9th. We will deliver you back to your ticketing counter when you depart. You must depart after 12pm on July 15th.

Log-in to teenpact.com/events to enter or confirm your travel information.

What to Bring
  • Laptop computer, iPad, tablet (optional, but highly recommended for taking notes during lectures as well as brief-writing and drafting oral arguments. If you do not have the option of bringing a laptop or other means of digital writing, you can hand-write until a staff member’s laptop is available to borrow (limited availability). Note: A minimal amount of printing can be done on-site.)
  • Bedding (pillow, twin-size sheets/blanket/sleeping bag)
  • Towel and toiletries (soap and hand-towels not provided, bath mat or extra towel recommended)
  • Bible, notebook, pens, highlighters, sticky-notes, etc.
  • Reusable water bottle.
  • “Coffeehouse” snack to share (guys bring salty, girls bring sweet) and leave at on-site registration
  • Optional: cash for the TeenPact Store and/or Liberty University Bookstore



Remember, we will be media-free during this week so plan on leaving any cell phones, iPods, books, etc. in your suitcase during the week.

What to Expect


  • Sunday, July 9 (casual* )Arrive and register by 5pm, dinner, opening session
  • Monday, July 10 (business casual*, bring change of clothes for free-time)Breakfast, law school session (lectures), lunch, law school session (brief-writing), free time, dinner, evening session.
  • Tuesday, July 11 (business casual, bring change of clothes for free-time)Breakfast, law school session (lectures), lunch, law school session (brief-writing and oral arguments), free time, dinner, evening session.
  • Wednesday, July 12 (business casual, bring change of clothes for free-time)Breakfast, law school session (lectures), lunch, law school session (brief-writing and oral arguments), free time, dinner, deadline to turn in brief, evening session.
  • Thursday, July 13 (traditional professional*, bring change of clothes for free-time)Breakfast, moot court tournament, lunch, moot court tournament, free time, dinner, evening session.
  • Friday, July 14 (traditional professional, bring change of clothes for free-time): Breakfast, moot court tournament, lunch, moot court tournament, free time, banquet (you will have opportunity to change into extra-nice, if so desired, or traditional professional), closing session.
  • Saturday, July 15 (casual)Breakfast, check out of dorms by 9am, to airports/pick-up by 10am.

*See requirements for casual, business casual, and transitional professional listed under What to Wear.

What to Wear

To create a distraction-free atmosphere, please bring only clothing that adheres to the TeenPact dress code. While at Judicial, plan to dress at specified times one of these three-ways: casual (seven days), business casual (three days), and traditional professional (two days). Requirements for casual and traditional professional can be found here. Judicial-specific requirements for business casual are as follows:

Business Casual for Guys:

  • We require a collared shirt (polo or button-up; no logos, please).
  • We require khakis, slacks, or a solid, dark wash denim pant (no faded or torn denim, corduroys, shorts, or cargo pants).
  • We require loafers or dress shoes (no sandals or tennis shoes).
  • Optional: tie and/or blazer.


Business Casual for Girls:

  • We require a dressy shirt or blouse (fabric should not be sheer and must have sleeves; no logos, please).
  • We require dress pants, solid, dark wash denim, or skirts covering the knee when sitting/standing (no faded or torn denim, corduroys, or shorts).
  • We require dress shoes (i.e., heels, ballet flats, etc. no casual sandals or tennis shoes.).
  • Optional: blazer.

Please direct questions regarding the Judicial dress code to the Assistant Program Director: macaela.bennett@teenpact.com

Friday Banquet

Parents and guests are invited to attend a banquet in honor of our 2017 TeenPact Judicial students on Friday, July 14. We will hear a class-nominated student representative share a bit of what we experienced throughout the event and Professor Rost of Liberty University School of Law will address the class and announce the winners of the moot court tournament.

Details forthcoming.


Judicial is a full-immersion week of law school and therefore our most academically rigorous event. Your self-directed pre-event study is extremely valuable and will set you up for success to enjoy this one-of-a-kind intellectual experience. All registered students will receive an email detailing the Pre-Event Assignments.

Details forthcoming.

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