2018 State Class Student Referral Program Instructions

Are you looking to save up to $100 on your Four Day State Class registration?
Simply sign up below as a TeenPact Recruiter and start referring your friends, siblings, and classmates!

Recruiters can be any registered 2018 Four Day TeenPact student, first time or alumni.

How It Works

  • Student recruiters sign-up by submitting the form below. You will receive an email with a unique $10 referral discount code to give to a maximum of 10 first time students who will be attending your Four Day State Class. This code is manually generated, so please allow up to two (2) business days to receive.
  • The new students you recruit can receive the $10 discount when they register for the same Four Day State Class. They will need to apply your unique code in the “Discount Code” box on the payment page in registration.
  • For each first time student who registers with your code, we will apply a $10 discount to your 2018 Four Day State Class registration. If your balance has been paid already, the discount will appear as account credit unless you contact the Registration Manager and request a refund. Your discounts are manually applied, so please allow up to two (2) weeks to see it reflected on your account.
  • If a student that you recruited has already registered for a Four Day State Class, they will need to contact our office within 48 hours of you receiving your discount code. The discount will be manually applied to both registrations retroactively.
  • A student can only be recruited by one person. Whoever recruited the student first will receive the $10 off. If a student uses two referral codes, only one will apply.

Expiration and Cancellation Policy

  • The referral discount codes will expire two (2) weeks prior to the start of the class.
  • Recruiters must register for their state class within two (2) weeks of receiving the code or it will be disabled, unless they request to transfer it to a sibling.
  • If you as the recruiter cancel your registration, your discount code will be disabled and become invalid for all subsequent registrations. First time students you previously recruited will not lose their discount.
  • If a first time student cancels their registration, the referral discount will be removed from both the student’s registration AND the recruiter’s registration.

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