Montana Class Director: Dale Stewart

Four Day Class

Students ages 13-19

April 9-12, 2018

Mon: 12:45pm - 5:00pm
Tue – Thu: 8:45am - 3:00pm

$260 first time students;
$220 alumni students

Political Communication

Students ages 13-19

April 13, 2018

Friday: 9:45am - 4:00pm

$50 standalone rate;
$40 with four day class

Student Housing

Students ages 13-19

Camp Child

$160 3 nights;
$200 4 nights

One Day Class

Students ages 8-12

April 13, 2018

Friday: 9:45am - 4:00pm

$40 first child;
$35 sibling rate

Contact Information

State Coordinator:
Christie Merck - 406-210-8678


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Where to Meet

Four Day Class:
Please arrive by 12:45 pm on Monday in the Capitol (1301 E 6th Ave). We will be meeting in the House of Representatives Chamber, which is on the the 3rd floor, on the west end of the building. Make sure you bring your Bible, homework, notebook, and pen with you to the Capitol. Class will begin at 1:00 pm with a welcome, introductions, and a parent meeting. Please eat lunch prior to arriving at the Capitol.

If you are staying at the camp, please arrive at the parking lot across from the Scott Hart Building (302 N. Roberts Street) between 11:45 am and 12:30 pm to load your luggage onto the camp bus. Once your personal items are on the bus, proceed to the Capitol.

One Day Class:
Please arrive by 9:45 am on Friday at the House of Representatives Chamber in the Capitol (1301 E 6th Ave), on the 3rd floor, on the west end of the building. Bring a sack lunch, your homework, Bible, pen, and notebook with you. There is parking near the Capitol or in the parking lot behind the building.

Political Communication Workshop:
Please arrive by 9:45 am on Friday at the House of Representatives Chamber in the Capitol (1301 E 6th Ave), on the 3rd floor, on the west end of the building.  If you are attending the Political Communication Workshop ONLY (not in conjunction with the Four Day class), please bring a sack lunch from home, as well as your homework, Bible, pen, and notebook.

What to Bring

To the Capitol:
– Your completed homework with your name on each page
– A Bible, notebook and pen

To the Camp:
– Bedding (sheets for a twin bed or sleeping bag)
– Towels, washcloths, toiletry items, etc.
– Professional and casual clothing in accordance with the TeenPact dress code

What NOT to Bring:
– Any sort of knife or firearm
– CD players, iPods, etc.

Parking & Directions

Limited parking is available across the street from the Scott Hart Building. If parking here, please try to carpool. Otherwise, look for street parking in and around the Capitol area. From I-15, take Prospect Avenue (Hwy 12). Turn left onto Montana Avenue and left onto E 6 th Avenue. This will put you in front of the Capitol. Roberts Street crosses E 6th.

Meal Info


Four Day: Lunch will be provided at no additional charge for any students staying at camp. If you are commuting to the class, plan to bring a packed lunch for each day at the capitol.

One Day and Political Communications Workshop: If you are not staying at the camp on Thursday night, you will need to bring a packed lunch from home on Friday.

Housing and Evening Sessions

Four Day Class:
Students will be housed at the YMCA camp, Camp Child, west of Helena. Students will be transported by bus each day to and from the Capitol. Breakfast and supper will be served at the camp, while lunches will be delivered to the Capitol. If your student is registered for the four day camp AND the Political Communication Workshop, they will be staying at camp on Thursday night.

One Day Class and PCW:
There is no TeenPact housing available for the One Day Class or if you choose to participate in the Political Communication Workshop ONLY.

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