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From the desk of the CEO

Greetings from Richmond, Virginia!

I am sure that you all will agree with me that this 2015 TeenPact Season has flown by quickly! Four months ago Aaron Watson, Serena Walker, and I were gathered with the Program Directors and Interns in Oklahoma for a week of training, followed by a week of staff training. Since then, there have been 54 classes in 41 states and our season will draw to a close in just a few days when National Convention begins at Lee University.

This year has been marked by growth. We saw record attendance in Four Day State Classes, One Day State Classes, and the Political Communication Workshops. We saw increased confidence, joy, love, and professionalism in the Program Directors and Interns, the Staffers, and the students. Most importantly, we saw God’s abundant goodness to the ministry of TeenPact – safety in travel, opportunities to meet key leaders around the country, new and deeper relationships among like-minded individuals. Great is His faithfulness!

Thousands have been impacted by the ministry of TeenPact Leadership Schools this year, thanks be to God. I am blessed to lead this ministry and to personally witness the impact over and over again. I have received dozens of emails, phone calls, and text messages this year from those whose lives have been directly or indirectly changed because of a state class. None of that is by accident, but is all part of God’s plan for TeenPact.

Thank you all for helping us fulfill our mission as we glorify God.

Peter Martin

Darcy Terry

Thank you Peter for your work with TP and furthering the vision that God gave Tim Echols and his prayer partners back in the 90s. One of Tim’s other prayer partners, Col. Ron Crews, is now head of the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty. God does amazing things when an idea or vision is birthed in prayer, bathed in prayer and sustained by God through the prayers of His people.
I wish I could be at National Convention just to be there but God has me in a different place right now.
Blessings to you and your family.


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