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Student Testimony: Mackenzie Matthews

TeenPact’s vision is “Changing Lives to Change the World.” We want to take the opportunity to share some of the stories of those changed lives with you in a series of Student Testimonies.

This post comes from Mackenzie Matthews, a student from Missouri who was elected as the class Governor. Her story is an example of God working in the hearts of students during the class week all over the country.

Like many TeenPact first-timers, I was dragged into the Four Day TeenPact class against my will. However, I wasn’t kicking or screaming. I had grown used to my mother’s wild, last-minute ideas a long time ago. So, I walked into the first day with a grim determination to get whatever I needed to done, and to make the most of it. I had no idea what I was getting into. The few things I was sure about were we had to dress up, learn about the government, and that the word “TeenPact” did not seem like it would be found in the same sentence as the word “fun.”

“God was reminding me that when I trust Him, He will do far more than I will ever expect or imagine.”

Well, I was sadly mistaken, and pleasantly surprised! I quickly made many friends, and felt right at home in my assigned committee. The days went by quickly, and were packed with all kinds of activity. I surprised myself when I became aware that I was actually anticipating the next activity. From intriguing guest speakers, and in-depth tours of the Missouri capitol, to intense debates on passing legislation, there was always something new to learn.

I had an absolute blast! God was constantly pointing out things to me, or reminding me that when I trust Him, He will do far more than I will ever expect or imagine. The nail-biting experience of being elected Governor, and becoming the committee “peace-keeper” (chairman), were interesting, character-building, experiences. I learned about our state government, that I must always be open-minded, and that godliness, wisdom, and perseverance are key traits in a leader. My time in the TeenPact class was an unforgettable experience that I will treasure forever.

“My time at TeenPact was an unforgettable experience that I will treasure forever.”

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Hey Mackenzie! You did a fantastic job running for Governor. I am so glad that I got to meet you, you are a wonderful person to be around! May God bless you everyday!


Beth Blunk

I remember your arrival to MO TeenPact, Mackenzie. I’m excited for you and proud of you for taking the time to share about your awesome week. God has more good things in store for you too.


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