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There are many ways to invest in TeenPact. From financial support to prayer to volunteering, every little bit helps support our vision of Changing Lives to Change the World. Today, we wanted to share one of the simplest ways to support this ministry–through AmazonSmile, a charitable branch of Amazon, Inc.

Amazon is currently one of the largest internet-based retailers in the world. Many of us are already accustomed to using Amazon for purchases big and small, every day thousands of dollars pass through their system. One of the ways that they choose to give back as a corporation is through the aforementioned AmazonSmile. The way it works is simple: go to, log into your regular Amazon account in the box provided, and select from a list of hundreds of registered non-profit organizations to support. After that, each time you log in at, Amazon will donate 0.5% of every purchase that you make to an organization of your choosing, at no extra cost to you!

There are two important things to note here. The first is that you will not be able to find “TeenPact” on the list of non-profits. Instead, when selecting which organization to support, be sure to choose our incorporated name, Family Resource Network. This is the same TeenPact that you know and love, just our official name for tax purposes.

Second, for Amazon’s donation to go through, you must log on through every time you are going to make a purchase. Simply going to “” won’t work. It may take some getting used to, but by bookmarking the AmazonSmile login on your web browser, you can be sure that the donation is reaching us.

If you want more information about AmazonSmile, visit their Frequently Asked Questions page here. If you have any questions for us, shoot us an email at any time to Thank you for your support!

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