TeenPact Ambassadors

Want to be more involved with TeenPact in your state? We believe that TeenPact’s best promoters are alumni students as they share what this ministry has done to impact their lives. TeenPact Ambassadors are Four Day state class alumni who are willing to stretch themselves and apply their training to represent the TeenPact ministry. This is an excellent service opportunity just for you! Through becoming part of the Ambassador Program, you’ll learn to lead by example while engaging the culture and your peers! Join today and grow in your servant leadership experience!

Some projects the TeenPact Ambassadors engage in:
– Assisting in a convention booth
– Making a presentation to a home school support group
– Working at a fundraising event for the state class
– Giving a speech at the request of a conservative civic club
– Engaging in a service project in the community
– Volunteering at an event, such as a pro-life rally

This is a great chance to be a leader in your state. You will be stretched, strengthened and encouraged all while serving alongside other TeenPacters. For more information, check out this blog post and contact your state coordinator to get involved today!

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