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“With my God I can scale a wall.”

This week’s installment of the TeenPact blog comes from Abby Brumbaugh (WY). Abby attended TeenPact Survival Northwest 2016 September 11 – 16 in Keystone, South Dakota.

While attending my first Four Day State Class this spring, I realized how amazing TeenPact is. Why? I learned that the way I lived that week didn’t matter as much as how I lived my life afterwards. To really be changed by Jesus is shown in how we live afterwards.

My sister, who is a former TeenPacter herself, pulled me aside before the State Class and shared Matthew 11:29 with me. In summary Jesus says, “I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.” This verse has been my prayer for my life since TeenPact — that Jesus would take my heart of stone and give me His gentle and humble heart. Some days I fail to love those around me and be a servant leader, but when I let Jesus live through me, amazing things happen.

“Some days I fail to love those around me and be a servant leader, but when I let Jesus live through me, amazing things happen.”

In September I was a student at TeenPact Survival. It was my first year (and not my last I hope!) Leading up to Survival I had asked God to give me strength both physically and spiritually. As I prepared for Survival, I set a goal that before Survival I would be able to do one pull-up. In my own strength I could not have done it. And I couldn’t until the day Survival started. That pull-up is a milestone in my life. It helped me realize that there are things I will never be able to do in my own strength. It showed me my need for God. It also reminded me that God answers prayer and is doing amazing things today— not just two thousand years ago, but today and right now. Our God is an awesome God.

During Survival I got to be a servant leader and help lead my team. It was a challenge to stay positive and encouraging at times, but God was with me. I hope that this next verse encourages you as much as it did me. Psalm 18:29 says, “With my God I can scale a wall.” So go out and scale whatever wall is in front of you, but don’t do it in your own strength, do it in the Lord’s!

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