If you ask a TeenPacter what their favorite part about the TeenPact event they just attended was you will often hear the same response: the worship!  Worship time at TeenPact is a beautiful opportunity to join with like-minded brothers and sisters in Christ in high praise of our Lord.

Now, you can join your voice with the voices of hundreds of TeenPacters praising God in live worship everyday when you pre-order the TeenPact Worship vol. IV featuring LIVE worship from National Convention 2011!  This CD is a great follow-up to “All for Jesus: Worship with TeenPact vol. III” and is sure to become a favorite worship album of yours.

Sing along with classic TeenPact voices as well as the 500 attendees of National Convention 2011. Let the rising vocals of the choral ensemble lift you to the throne room of heaven in “Your Name” and the soft melody of the violin quiet your spirit as you embrace the truth that “Jesus Paid It All.” You’ll experience the heart and soul of TeenPact worship — from the rich tones of the string ensemble in “Mighty to Save” to the intricate harmonies in “Give Me Jesus” to the passionate crowd in “How He Loves.”

Order NOW! For just $15(plus $2 shipping) you can buy the CD and have it shipped to your door.

Don’t pass up this opportunity to worship with TeenPact all year round!




PROJECT UPDATE: May 23, 2012

Tonight we gathered some of the musicians from the RENEWAL project and had a live coffeehouse concert during National Convention in Dayton, TN. Here are a few shots, courtesy of www.marvelousthingsphotography.com.


Some of the RENEWAL musicians:
(L to R:) Jeremiah Moore, Clayton Chambers, Lydia Shanks, Nate Kirby, Whitney Pritchett, Zachary Chambers, Garrett Blaising, Mark Sunderland, Ben Edmonds)

PROJECT UPDATE: January 3, 2011


They are here!

Orders are shipping out today. If you pre-ordered a copy and don’t receive it in the next week, please contact our office to verify your address.


PROJECT UPDATE: December 23, 2011

ITEM #1: The RENEWAL album is scheduled to be shipped to us next week and we have envelopes ready for shipping all our pre-orders. It’s not too late to get yours!

ITEM #2: If you ordered this CD as a Christmas gift, email us so we can send you a gift certificate instead.

ITEM #3: You can now listen to clips from RENEWAL at http://teenpact.bandcamp.com

ITEM #4: Here are a few photos to get you excited…




PROJECT UPDATE: December 8, 2011

The CD is in production as we speak! Order yours now and you can still get it shipped before Christmas.

In the meantime, we just released a second round of clips from the album. Listen here: http://bit.ly/vD1RQN. And make sure you check out the first batch of clips here:  http://bit.ly/nWUaO3.

**Also, please note we accidentally left out the song “How He Loves” from the tracklist below. It’s now included!





PROJECT UPDATE: December 2, 2011

The artwork is submitted.

The music is mastered.

Now we just wait for “RENEWAL” to be pressed, printed and delivered.

So much prayer, hard work, late nights and God-ordained miracles have gone into the project. We hope you’ll like it!

The final track list includes:

  • Jesus Paid It All (live)
  • Constant
  • Center (live)
  • How Deep the Father’s Love
  • Forever Reign
  • Mighty to Save (live, featuring string ensemble)
  • Give Me Jesus
  • Inside Out
  • How He Loves (live)
  • Lead Me to the Cross (live)
  • Your Name (featuring vocal ensemble)
  • Beautiful
  • The Apple Song

We’re on schedule to be shipping “RENEWAL” orders before Christmas! Order one today as a gift for someone… or for yourself!



PROJECT UPDATE: December 1, 2011

The artwork is on it’s way to being printed! Designed by Adam Martin with photos by Tori Watson and additional editing by Kiefer Partridge, this album is full of rich color, thoughtful words and memorable images. It captures both the feel of live TeenPact worship and the beauty of God’s creation as you’re drawn “towards the sunrise.”

Catch the vision for this album by reading this charge by Clayton Chambers:

“There is something quite enlivening about the word “Renewal.” It gives meaning to what is aimless, repair to what is broken, and a quenching to what is thirsty. It awakens. It sustains. It remains. We see renewal in nature when the dashing waves replenish a parched, sandy shore. We see renewal every dawn of springtime, when the sun’s gleam covers the flowers with life. Life. Renewal gives life. Renewal means rebirth. It means rejuvenation, a pumping of life into what is dead. We see renewal at the very core of who God is and what He has done, sending Jesus “to make all things new.” Renewal not only means hope for the God who has come to restore all of humanity back to Himself, but it means hope for that which is being restored. God has invited us to receive this gift of renewal, taking part in the rebuilding of His kingdom. God will see this renewal process all the way through; He will have his way. A new day is coming, a day when all will be put back together at last. Renewal will cause unity to prevail over separation, and the God of the universe will reign forever.

So why would TeenPact – a citizenship organization – produce a worship album? As image-bearers we are called to spread the good news of Jesus Christ in every facet of life. TeenPact takes this call seriously, creating a variety of forums which are designed with this fundamental goal in mind: to draw people closer to God. You see, at our core, we believe that revival is the answer for the world. Our greatest need is Jesus Christ. TeenPact seeks to equip young men and women primarily by strengthening their relationship with the Lord, and this starts with beautiful surrender to the grace of God.  And from that grace springs our investment into the world of politics, sports, academia, music, etc because God desires renewal in all of these areas.

This album is dedicated to the 40,000 students over 17 years who have worshiped the Lord often alongside a simple acoustic guitar. So whether your memory of TeenPact worship is standing in a state capitol or sitting around a bonfire, this album is for you. May you be refreshed as you continually seek to be like Jesus and bring His renewal to all you encounter.”

Inspiring, is it not?

Tell your mom, grandmom, neighbors, pastors, friends and personal fans to order their copy of RENEWAL today!



PROJECT UPDATE: November 17, 2011

“RENEWAL” is actually the fourth in a line of worship albums recorded by TeenPacters for TeenPacters.

So here’s a little history…

In 1999 “The TeenPact Intern Project” was led by Mark Miller and backed up by TeenPact “founding fathers” like Lisa Harris Shaffer, Mandy Scheidt Smith, Jason Luther and Jeremy Clardy. While simple and unimpressive, it was the first successful attempt at recording the sounds of TeenPacters singing worship songs. Tracks included “Every Move I Make,” “As the Deer,” “Holy Lord” and “Shout to the Lord.” Only a few copies of this project are still in existence today.


In 2002 we released “Changed,” which was led by legendary TeenPact worship leader George Waits. With an all-star team of Shepherd Pittman, Lauren Crosby Bretz, Byron Whatley, David Sewall and Lydia Shanks leading the way with tracks like “Light the Fire,” “Worthy is the Lamb,” “Beloved,” Can a Nation Be Changed” and “My Jesus I Love Thee.” We are hoping to release songs from this album on iTunes in the future.




In 2006 “All for Jesus” was released as a fresh take on hymns and other worship songs in the TeenPact culture. Headed by the one and only John Moore, this project featured creative arrangements of songs like “Clean Hands,” “How Great Is Our God,” Jesus, All for Jesus”, “In Christ Alone,” “Jesus, Thank You” and “O Love That Will Not Let Me Go.” TeenPact musicians Paul Holley, Brent Leaders, Jessinah Schaefer, Lydia Shanks and Josh Dixon joined together to create this project that continues to be popular today. You can order yours at the TeenPact store.



And that brings us to 2011. The heart behind “RENEWAL” is to feature as many TeenPact musicians as we could — which includes all 500 participants at National Convention. Striking the balance between creativity and sincerity, this project aims to bottle the sweet, simple, passionate worship experience which is a TeenPact distinctive. Tracks include “Jesus Paid It All,” “Constant,” “Forever Reign,” “How Deep the Father’s Love,” “Beautiful,” “How He Loves” and “Give Me Jesus.” We’re happy to record the talents of TeenPact greats Zach Chambers, Clayton Chambers, Mark Sunderland, Joe Radcliffe, Josh Cockroft and Brianna Walden along with a host of other gifted musicians. Produced by former TeenPacter Mitchell Minyard, this album promises to be a special experience for everyone!

Order “RENEWAL” today and get “All for Jesus” for only $5. Spread the word! www.teenpact.com/worshipcd



PROJECT UPDATE: October 19, 2011

Want to get a sneak peek at what “RENEWAL: Worship with TeenPact, vol IV” is going to sound like? Now you can! Listen to clips from six of the tracks just by clicking here.

Don’t forget to pre-order your copy today!



PROJECT UPDATE: October 3, 2011

We just finished a whirlwind trip to Atlanta to record the final two tracks of the Worship with TeenPact, vol IV album. We were grateful to work with Jordan Nalley of Shape Studios to record instruments and vocals for “Constant” and “Forever Reign.”

We had an all-star team of TeenPacters there to record —  Mark Sunderland (keys, vocals, bass), Nate Kirby (guitars, bass, glockenspiel), Joe Radcliffe (vocals), Whitney Pritchett (vocals) and Lydia Shanks (vocals.) The team is pictured here after spending 20 hours together in the studio.

If you haven’t pre-ordered your copy yet, do it now. You are going to want to hear these tracks!




PROJECT UPDATE: September 2, 2011

A few weeks ago Zach Chambers, Clayton Chambers and Lydia Shanks spent time in Branson, MO with Mitchell Minyard to work on some of the studio tracks for the new album. None of us had been to Branson, but we enjoyed the friendly people (including a guy at our hotel who loaned us a banjo) and unique experiences to be had in this tourist town (including having our waiter serenade us during lunch.)

Mitchell, a former TeenPacter, is donating his time to record and produce the Worship with TeenPact, vol IV. We are indebted to him for his service and so grateful for his humor, his heart and his love for Jesus. If you ever meet this guy, say a huge THANK YOU!

Curious to hear what we were working on? Pre-order your copy of the album today!



PROJECT UPDATE: July 20, 2011

Watch this video to catch a glimpse of the heart and vision behind the all-new Worship with TeenPact album, coming 2011.

[iframe src=”http://player.vimeo.com/video/26686673?title=0&byline=0&portrait=0″ width=”400″ height=”300″ frameborder=”0″] I Worship Because (Promo for Worship with TeenPact, vol IV)

Film produced by Taylor Sandbek for TeenPact Leadership Schools.
“Beautiful” by Phil Wickham used with permission.

PROJECT UPDATE: June 1, 2011

Thanks to the amazing talents and hearts of Mitchell Minyard, Chris Hall and Mark Minyard we were able to record both live and studio songs at National Convention with the hopes of releasing the fourth TeenPact worship album later this year. We had some very sweet times of worship where God met us personally and corporately.

Here are some photos capturing worship during the week…

photo credits: www.marvelousthingsphotography.com

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