Abbie George

Abbie hails from the great state of North Carolina, where she was born and raised. Throughout her life, she has enjoyed spending time either at the coast or the lake and continues to often spend time at both of these places. She is a big fan of one of North Carolina’s signature restaurants, Bojangles Famous chicken and biscuits! 


Abbie is the youngest of four children and can often be found spending quality time with her parents, and talking or hanging out with her siblings, nieces, and nephew. Abbie values family time and often describes her parents as being “some of her best friends.” She grew up playing the sport she loved, basketball. When not on the court, you can find her playing music and singing, or spending quality time with friends. 


When Abbie was only 7 she attended her first One Day class and ever since then has been deeply involved in the ministry. Coming into this TeenPact season with the 2023 Intern team, Abbie is eager to see the many ways that the Lord uses this ministry to advance the gospel and grow his kingdom. Eventually, Abbie hopes to serve in Women’s Ministry, wherever the Lord calls her, and she is excited to see how the Lord uses this internship to help prepare her for that particular calling. She looks forward to growing alongside her team and giving this TeenPact season to the Lord wholeheartedly.