Director of Events

Aryn Young

Aryn Young brings the best of the northwest life to Virginia. Having grown up midst the beautiful scenery of Southern Oregon, she has a deep love for starry summer nights, outdoor adventures with friends, listening to country music while driving down open country roads, and sweet tea in mason jars.


Aryn began her TeenPact story when her mom and older sister attended a One Day Class without her. They loved it so much they dragged Aryn along with them the next year and the next year and the next year until she loved it as much as they did. Aryn went on to serve as a Staffer, Intern, and Registration Manager before taking on her current position as our Director of Events.


Aryn loves making memories with friends playing sports, talking theology, and drinking Starbucks Refreshers. With a fear of boredom, if Aryn isn’t hanging out with friends, you can find her working at her favorite retail store.