TeenPact: 2008 – Present

August Huckabee

As a Student

I have a vivid memory of praying before I attended my first TeenPact class: “God, use this to direct my life.” As a public school student, I took off a week of class to attend and did the homework in the mornings before class.  The Lord answered my prayer and used the week to work mightily in the direction of my life.

In my situation at home I often wondered if people thought about the world in the way that I did, but at TeenPact, I found a group of people who were not afraid to ask hard questions about politics and faith. TeenPact showed me that my faith could stand up to the difficult questions and that Christianity could be applied to politics in a relevant way today.


As a leader

I just went through my fourth season as a TeenPact Class Director. One of the primary reasons I continue to serve in this role is because TeenPact continues to inspire me today. The students of the program are eager to learn, tough with questions, and dedicated to understanding how Christ applies to their life and the world around them. I continue to attend TeenPact because it is a reminder that the future of Christianity in this country is not hopeless, but instead is a bright light that comes from the passion of these students.