Brock Freeland

Born in the beach city of Chesapeake, Virginia, Brock now calls Farragut, Tennessee his home. While he enjoys the hominess of his suburb, Brock truly loves his close proximity to the urban cityscape of Knoxville. A huge extrovert, Brock loves to spend his time intentionally with others — you can always find him going on Target runs with his sisters, grabbing Dunkin’ with a friend, or traveling with his family.


From a young age, music has always been one of Brock’s largest interests and talents. Having played piano since age 4, Brock grew up involved in numerous orchestras, ensembles, and competitions. Since then, the Lord has fostered a growing passion within Brock to use his musical abilities to lead others in corporate worship. Brock is beyond thrilled to be attending Liberty University in pursuit of a degree in Worship Leadership.


Brock first attended TeenPact as a One Day Student in North Carolina. From there, he grew up experiencing the depths of rich community that TeenPact offers to young people. Now, as a Traveling Intern, Brock waits in expectation of seeing lives healed and hearts turned towards Jesus. He is excited to be used as a vessel for the Kingdom and to witness the Lord’s faithfulness all season long.