2019 TeenPact Intern

Christa Kaufman

Christa Kaufman comes from the land of strong lake winds, classic jazz, deep dish pizza, and a giant metal bean – Chicago, Illinois. She loves traveling with her parents, two older brothers, and little siblings, who their family adopted two years ago.


Christa’s time in TeenPact looked like it might be short when, as a One Day student, her bill failed unanimously and she subsequently vowed never to go back again. However, thank goodness for a mom who signed Christa up for a second try, but this time, at a Four Day Class. To her surprise, she loved it! Teenagers are often told they’re irresponsible and incapable, but TeenPact teaches students the opposite. Before TeenPact, Christa was living a lukewarm life. Through TeenPact, she has grown in her walk with Christ and gained confidence needed to see that she can make a difference and have influence, not only at TeenPact, but even more so at home. Christa is thrilled to serve as a 2019 TeenPact Intern. God has used TeenPact in huge ways throughout her life and she is humbled to have the opportunity to continue to be a part of this ministry.


Spunky and compassionate, Christa loves a good adventure and all the stories that come with it. She’s traveled to every continent except Antarctica, eaten jellyfish, and once met Julie Andrews in an elevator (be sure to ask her about it!). She loves spending time with her family, listening to 80’s music, being real with friends, good competition, flavorful food, and rich coffee.