Corban Smith

While born in Arkansas, and raised in South Carolina, Corban now resides in the homely town of Sparta, Missouri where he lives with his parents and 6 younger siblings. As he aged, Corban could always be found competing in sports, acting in his friend’s movies, and spending time with his family around the dinner table! He also participated in speech and debate and cherishes an everlasting fondness for poetry, English, and chocolate milk. 


Corban’s involvement with debate soon led him to discover TeenPact, where he reluctantly began his first class in 2018. However, after a brief span of nine to ten minutes, Corban fell in love with the organization and was privileged to begin staffing in 2020. When Corban isn’t at a TeenPact event, he is typically serving in his youth group, hanging out with friends, or plotting new ways to advance the future of technology, such as his soda-machine-water-fountain idea that is still in the development process. 


Corban’s true passions lie in his heart for people and ministry. Because of the specific and significant ways God has used TeenPact to impact his life, Corban is now incredibly devoted to the ways God is using the organization of TeenPact, and cannot wait to experience all that the Lord has in the 2023 season.