Daniel Goff

Growing up in a military family, Daniel has lived in 6 different states but is now delighted to call Springdale, Arkansas home. He loves the beautiful sunsets and outdoor activities in Northwest Arkansas. Being the mountain biking capital of the world, it has many incredible trails and views, but also a vibrant and exciting city life with many different activities to experience. He is the youngest of seven children and also has fourteen nieces and nephews whom he loves hanging out with! In fact, most of his family still lives right next door to him! 


You will often find Daniel chasing sunsets on top of mountains, playing his guitar and singing, playing literally any sport that has ever been invented, or just hanging out with friends and family! Late night drives alone with music blasting also top his bucket list. If he could choose one thing to do with a free Saturday night, he would sit on top of a mountain with some friends strumming his guitar and worshiping Jesus against the backdrop of a sunset. 


Daniel is super excited to serve as an intern with TeenPact this coming season. He is most looking forward to helping students think critically about the political process and their faith, sharing the Gospel, and loving those around him! He’s also really excited to travel the nation and meet a bunch of awesome people!