Eden Edwards

From the midwestern and frequently forgotten state of Iowa, Eden loves her state’s rolling hills and exquisite sunsets, even though it is generally known for its numerous hogs and abundant corn. Although she grew up in the city, the outdoors runs in her blood and if there is ever a question as to where Eden is, she is probably hiking, camping, rock climbing, (indoor climbing gyms enable her to pursue this passion despite living in a relatively mountain-less region), or putting her hand to her current creative interests.


Videography is one of her greatest passions — fueled by enthusiasm for people and their unique stories. Her short time living in Zimbabwe, Africa with her parents and two older brothers instilled in her a fervor for global missions and experiencing new cultures, in which she hopes to be more involved in the future. She now spends time with her brothers and two sisters-in-law as frequently as distance and time allow and enjoys any and every new adventure that comes her way.


Excited to serve this season on the Intern Team, Eden looks forward to good conversations, growing in her own leadership skills, and seeing how the LORD will use the team to minister to and pour into Students and Staff from across the country.