State Class Manager

Hope Martin

Hope Martin was born in the snowy land of Minnesota, but raised in the charming town of Glastonbury, Connecticut. Maybe this is why she is such a big fan of donuts, laughter, and the Green Bay Packers.


After hearing about her older siblings TeenPact experience, Hope started counting down the days until she could attend a One Day Class. And she hasn’t left TeenPact since—Hope served as a staffer and Intern before joining the TeenPact Office as our State Class Manager.


Coming from a family who loves TeenPact and travel, Hope loves a good challenge and has been working on visiting all 50 states (she’s been to 42 if you’re wondering). She is extremely competitive, and will strive for victory in any competition. If the music is loud, she likes it, especially because she plays piano, guitar, and mandolin. She loves family time, building relationships, and stories—unless they’re sad.