Isabella Wassel

Isabella was born in sunny Orlando, Florida, where she has lived her whole life. While Orlando is usually known for its theme parks, she cherishes Orlando for its nearby beaches and quaint coffee shops. Her favorite spot is Gideon’s Bakeshop, a favorite of the Wassel family. The Wassels are not your typical homeschool family since there are only four people: her parents, her brother Skyler, and Isabella. They love hiking, specifically in the Adirondack and Appalachian mountains. Her family has been involved in global missions ever since Isabella can remember, influencing her perception of the world and unreached people groups. Isabella enjoys quiet mornings accompanied by homemade brown sugar lattes and classic jazz. Her favorites include reading on a slow, rainy day, thrifting (with a latte in hand), trying not to buy another plant, and attempting to bake something extravagant she found online. Isabella’s TeenPact journey began in 2021 when she attended her first Four Day state class after she was encouraged *forced* to go by her mom and a friend. By the end of the week, she had unearthed a passion she never knew she had within her. She fell in love with the discipleship she experienced, both academically and spiritually. Isabella is excited to see how the Lord will work in the lives of everyone TeenPact reaches. She is truly honored and grateful to serve as part of this ministry and is eager to witness the goodness of God and the glory of His Kingdom.