Assistant Director of Staff Development

Jackson Hicks

Hailing from the heart of the south, Jackson Hicks was born and raised in the unblemished perfection that is Steens, Mississippi. With no stoplights or local government to impede a young boy imagination, Jackson spent most of his younger days having outlandish adventures with his friends and six siblings.


Jackson’s TeenPact journey began after his parents sent him off to “government camp.” The class was a kick in the posterior and spurred Jackson’s desire to spread his unashamed love for the gospel. In the following years, Jackson went on to serve TeenPact as Staffer, Intern, and Program Director.


Outside of TeenPact, playing football and basketball for years have given Jackson a vigorous passion for anything competitive. Thus, you can often catch Jackson conversing about his natural love for the gridiron. The outdoors also speak to his thirst for adventure; hiking, camping, and fishing are a few activities Jackson likes to embark on. The chill side of Jackson likes to eat bacon, drink coffee, and read books on topics most humans find boring.