TeenPact Era: 1997 – 1999

Jay Hill

Jay started farming with 10 acres at the age of 16. Today, his operation has expanded to two states, 17,0000 acres and 80 full time employees. Jay travels the country speaking about his love of agriculture and the people involved in the food growing process.


As a student

I was impressed with TeenPact. I was able to learn the fundamentals of politics, while keeping a Christ-centered learning environment. Let’s face it, when do teens have the ability to learn the legislative process while surrounding themselves with positive influencers?


As a leader

With a strong foundation built on Christ, TeenPact instilled confidence that has helped me carve a successful path. I have had the confidence to stand for what I believe by shaping my operations to lead by example. Like any business we make mistakes and have setbacks, but with a strong foundation we are able to continue to grow. Success, in my mind, is not measured by our bank account, it’s measured by the lives we impact. Our employees and communities drive me to find better ways to feed and clothe the world.