Administrative Assistant

Jessie Sharp

Jessie Sharp comes to us from the rolling fields of Humboldt, Kansas. Growing up surrounded by sunflowers, it’s no surprise that Jessie’s sunny spirit overflows, spreading joy to all those around her.


She had no idea how much her life would change when in 2012, Jessie’s mom informed her and her older sister that she’d signed them up for a government class. One TeenPact State Class later, and Jessie was hooked! After serving as a Traveling Intern in 2017, Jessie joined us at the TeenPact Office in January 2018 to work as our Administrative Intern.


Outside of TeenPact, you can find Jessie exploring Richmond, finding new foods to try, and visiting coffeeshops looking for the perfect caramel latte. Warm summer days and cool evenings perfect for cozy sweatshirts fill Jessie’s heart with happiness . . . almost as much as libraries full of books.