Board Member since 2017

John Legg

John Legg, his wife, Karen, and three daughters – Eva, Lizzie, and Khylei – happily call Springfield, Virginia home.


Originally from Stone Mountain, Georgia, John attended his first TeenPact class in 1995 and then served as a staffer and eventually as a Program Director in 2000. Formerly an incredibly shy student, John struggled with public speaking for many years. Though the experiences at TeenPact, he stepped out of his comfort zone at the TeenPact – competing in the final round of the inaugural TeenPact Judicial at the Georgia Supreme Court in the 90’s – and beyond – speaking at his law school graduation to an audience of 5,000.


In addition to the State Classes, John helped to create, staff and direct the TeenPact Judicial program which continues to this day. He loves seeing students rise to meet challenges and the character building that happens in the process.


Outside of TeenPact, John loves camping, spending time in the mountains, and running races with his oldest daughter, Eva. They are counting down the days until the twins can join them!