Assistant Director of Staff Development

Johnny Leifheit

Johnny Leifheit was born with Bean Boots on his feet and a fierce love for Boston in his heart.


Hailing from “the promiseland” of York, Maine (or so the legend goes), his TeenPact story began when his parents sent him to a Four Day Class. He loved the class so much that he recruited his parents to be the new Maine State Coordinators and then went on to serve as a Staffer and Intern before a two-season stint as a Program Director.


He is a masterful storyteller, and many of his catchphrases are in the official TeenPact dictionary (coming soon). It’s a tough one to say whether Johnny loves the mountains or the coastal landscape more, but one thing is for sure—Johnny is a compulsive traveler and has been known to disappear to New England on more than one occasion. It is not unusual to hear someone in the office say, “Johnny drove to Boston for the weekend again,” before they wistfully stare out the window.


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