2020 TeenPact Intern

Jonathan Crampton

Jonathan Crampton proudly comes Mississippi. It may be last in many categories (don’t look up their statistics on obesity), but for Jonathan, it’s home. As a child, Jonathan often introduced the chaos to his family by building blanket forts, arguing, and playing indoor sports with his six siblings.


Each of his five older siblings attended a TeenPact State Class, and each returned home with a new love for this event that was so unfamiliar to Jonathan. The night before his first State Class, Jonathan laid on the floor covered with tears, begging his mother to not make him go. Alas, she wouldn’t be so easily persuaded. He attended two State Classes before he became a Christian in 2017.When the State Class rolled around the next year, he wanted nothing more than to attend and learn more of Christ through the ministry. Once quiet and scared, Jonathan learned through TeenPact how even the least interested, shy students can be transformed when Christ is at the center of their lives.


Outside of TeenPact, Jonathan has always had a love for soccer and any activity that results in one clear winner. His days wouldn’t be complete without sketching or reading one of the many unfinished books on his nightstand. The best nights are spent enjoying these activities after enjoying some classic Waffle House waffles with his dearest of friends. 


During this internship, Jonathan most looks forward to the countless opportunities to sit down with others and speak with them about their passions and interests and how Christ can fill every little thing they enjoy.