Jonathan Searl

Jonathan Searl was born in Fort Lewis, Washington. Coming from an Army family, he also lived in South Carolina and Missouri, before finally settling at nine years old in the place he now calls home, Rineyville, Kentucky. He loves that Kentucky is home to so many things such as the Kentucky Derby, Corvettes, the ark, and so much more, however, his favorites are the small horse pastures that can be found just down the road from his home. 


He loves every chance he gets to explore the outdoors with his friends and family.  Jonathan has three older sisters and one older brother. Growing up as the youngest member of the family, Jonathan got to see and experience many different hobbies his older siblings had, and by doing this, found one of his greatest passions, music. He spends a great deal of his time playing cello and piano and is always down to make a random concert with whomever he can. When he isn’t playing music, Jonathan loves spending time outdoors, playing sports, and hanging out with friends. 


He is excited about so many of the different aspects of interning, but mostly the opportunity to minister to and serve his fellow teammates and students. He loves people and loves investing and sharing the love of Christ with others, thus is excited for the way the Lord will work over the season.