2021 Program Director

Logan Hancock

Born and raised in the home of Bike Week, Daytona Beach, Florida, Logan Hancock now lives in the slightly-less-humid climate, with a massively smaller population, of Greenwood, South Carolina.


Logan’s older brother, Luke, was the family test pilot with TeenPact, and from the moment he heard the second-hand recounting of the TeenPact experience, he couldn’t wait to go as a Student himself. Since he attended his first TeenPact One Day Class in 2013, Logan has been hooked on the people and program of TeenPact. Seeing other youth step into positions of leadership and ministry has made a  profound impact on Logan throughout all of his TeenPact experiences over the years. The amount of growth he continues to experience through TeenPact inspires him to give back in any way he can.  He is excitedly anticipating the opportunities he will have to contribute to a community of discipleship and ministry as a Program Director for the 2021 season.


Along with his parents and older brother, Logan enjoys water sports on the lake and good food. A passionate people-person and avid shoe-wearer, he really appreciates a good shopping trip with friends. Three of Logan’s favorite things are Taco Bell, bowling, and the Miami Dolphins. Logan is studying Business and Economics at Liberty University, and is excited for the upcoming TeenPact Season.