Former TeenPact Events Manager

Macaela Bennett

Macaela Bennett hails from the land of chai lattes and emerald landscapes — Portland, Oregon. In high school, she worked at a favorite pacific northwestern restaurant chain spinning milkshakes and bagging sweet potato fries.


Macaela got her start in TeenPact at the One Day Class where, sadly, she left distraught after her bill failed to pass in TeenPact Legislature. Several years later, Macaela’s older sister attended a Four Day Class and encouraged Macaela to give TeenPact a second chance after a life-changing experience.


With the heart of a traditionalist, Macaela’s thoughtful perspective and bright smile make everyone feel all warm and fuzzy inside—like a cup of tea on a rainy day. If she gets her hands on a piece of paper, it will be transformed into a paper crane, and if she gets her hands on a task, it will be transformed into, well, a completed task.

Other Articles by this Author

July 13, 2018

Under Judicial Review

With first-day jitters, students arrive from Florida, Alaska, Pennsylvania, Liberty University’s very own Virginia for Judicial 2018. Sheltered by a grove of trees beside their spacious dorm, students wave goodbye to brave parents and meet friends, old and new! Over a lemonade, corn hole, and the clamor of a foursquare, talk of Moot Court and […]

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April 27, 2018

A Judicial Journal

It’s finally summer! My friends are sunburnt and applying for seasonal jobs, and today I finished my Judicial homework. My mom gave me this notebook and suggested I jot down some thoughts at the end of each day.   Day 1 – Sunday Today I flew by myself for the first time. At the Richmond […]

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August 01, 2016

Overwhelmed with the Lord’s Presence

TeenPact Judicial 2016 was held July 10-16 at Liberty University School of Law. Today we bring you a student testimony written by our friend, Abigail Kent, from Oklahoma.      After returning from TeenPact Judicial, many of my friends have asked, “You went to a law school camp, right?” “How was it?” “What was Judicial like?” […]

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July 29, 2016

This Is Good

On July 10th we welcomed a record-breaking number of students to the beautiful campus of Liberty University. Gathered from over 20 states for this one-of-a-kind intellectual experience, students who attended TeenPact Judicial had an incredible week!       Coming into the week, I didn’t know what to expect. TeenPact Judicial exceeded all expectations. Leaving […]

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