2020 TeenPact Intern

Meagan McMillian

Meagan McMillian grew up in the sunshine amongst live oak trees in the town of Spring, Texas. The oldest of four, Meagan loves to hang out and do creative things with her family and two dogs. 


Meagan attended her first State Class in 2014 and expected to make new friends and learn about the political process (which she did), but by God’s grace, she got so much more out of that week than she ever thought she would. Seeing the way that the staffers lived out their faith because of a deep and genuine love for Christ would change Meagan’s life for eternity. God used those believers to inspire her to follow Jesus with that much adoration and sincerity too. The Lord has continued to pursue her heart through the intentional, focused discipleship that is central to the heart of the ministry. 


Meagan is excited and humbled by the opportunity to get to serve as a Traveling Intern this season. For her, the sweetest thing about it is realizing that it is only by God’s rich grace that she gets to serve in this capacity. Meagan’s prayer is that the Lord would reveal more of Himself & the riches of His grace to the thousands of students coming to TeenPact classes this season, capturing their hearts with His love like He did for her at her first State Class.


Lover of laughter, people, and Ella Fitzgerald, Meagan is a huge fan of all things authentically silly and artistic and can almost always be found creating something new, whether filmmaking, music, or accidental wordsmith-ery.


If you were a fly on the wall and landed on a chair across from Meagan, you’d probably find her absorbed in her favorite audiobook series, drawing murals on her chalkboard wall, or “experiencing” amazing music by jamming out at full blast – all with her crazy Boxer, Tango, by her side. With a big smile on her face, Meagan eagerly looks forward to the 2020 TeenPact season and all that the Lord has in store.