Megan Nelson

An adventure enthusiast, Megan Nelson hails from the great state of Alaska. Born and raised in the Last Frontier, Megan has a deep desire and love for all things outdoors. She loves to spend the never-ending bright summer days taking long walks and camping at their lake cabin with her parents, two brothers, sister, and golden retriever.


When at home, Megan enjoys early and slow mornings listening to music and trying to pull the perfect espresso shot. She is an avid Audible lover, while not a huge book reader. Some of Megan’s simplest and sweetest joys include: spending time with her family, going on long drives while having deep conversations with her siblings, hiking, and cozy rainy days. After Interning, Megan hopes to become a Collegiate Running Coach and is pursuing degrees in Exercise Science and Sports Nutrition.


In 2012, Megan participated in her first One Day State Class. She was beyond excited to attend after hearing about the life-changing “government class” from her two older siblings. Megan observed how the Staff Team loved and discipled each individual student. She was thoroughly touched by the joy displayed throughout that week. From that moment on, Megan was hooked on this ministry. She has cherished every minute serving in TeenPact and is expectant and thrilled to have a front-row seat at watching the Lord work in and through the Student’s lives this coming season as she serves as an Intern with TeenPact.