Rebecca Humphrey

Rebecca resides in the beautiful, Upstate city of Oswego, New York. Even though she grew up in a small family with her dad, mom, and older brother, she has anything but a small personality. As an extrovert, Rebecca is willing to strike up a conversation with anyone and include others in different activities.


For 16 years, her life revolved around dance. First starting in competitive Irish Step Dancing and competing nationally, to then being a ballet trainee at a professional, Christian ballet company, Rebecca continues to stay very active. Although she will always be a dancer at heart, you can now find her hiking the beloved Adirondack mountains, training for triathlons, catching sunsets with friends, roaming fruit rows of the orchard where she works, or relaxing in her hammock. She also dabbled in competitive robotics and claimed a New York State VEX IQ Robotics Champion title.


Growing up, Rebecca never had an interest in government and was very reluctant in 2019 when she attended her first Four Day State Class in New York. However, as the week went on, she fell in love with the heart behind TeenPact and was inspired to lead more at home. Her respect for the ministry continued to increase as she attended all of the alumni events, minus Judicial and Venture. This coming year, she will continue to work, college search, and humbly serve as a staffer for a third year. Rebecca is absolutely honored and excited to take on the remote, inaugural role as Development Administrative Intern through the TeenPact National Office.