Reese Chatman

Reese hails from the outskirts of Douglasville, GA, a suburb of Atlanta. Since 4th grade, his sport of choice has been basketball, and he still spends much of his free time playing the game with both his two little brothers as well as his friends. Growing up, he attended camps and participated in tournaments all around his home state that helped to improve his game. When he is not on the court, you might catch him listening to music or watching documentaries about a variety of topics.


One of Reese’s main goals in life is to “know a little about a lot.” His dream is to work in the hospitality industry, perhaps in tourism or working for a hotel chain, as he has discovered a passion for this career field.


Reese became involved with TeenPact his freshman year of high school when his mother forced him against his will to attend a “government camp.” He soon grew to love the ministry, however, and has since become nothing but passionate about it and how it seeks to change lives. He is beyond excited to be one of the very vessels the Lord uses this State Class Season to carry out his will and further his kingdom.

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