Rhianna Philcox

Rhianna loves calling South Carolina her home state. With both the mountains and the beach only a couple of hours away, she is working on exploring most of the state by hiking or camping in all of the 46 state parks (only 24 more to go!). She shares most of these adventures with her two older sisters, younger brother, and wonderful parents.


Since a young age, Rhianna has had a passion for gymnastics, and for the past couple of years, she has experienced the joy of getting to connect with younger gymnasts as a coach. When she’s not busy with school and sports, she experiments with her sourdough starter and bakes bread. She also loves to sit down with a good book and cup of coffee.


Rhianna cannot wait to travel all around the US and get to know and encourage others in their walk with Christ. She is beyond excited to see the Lord’s hand move through this TeenPact season.