2021 TeenPact Intern

Selah Anderson

Selah lives just a few blocks away from the beach in Jacksonville, Florida. Full of surfers, fishermen, good food, and undyingly supportive Jaguars fans, Jacksonville is a vibrant town with lots of fun things to do. Selah lives with her parents, three sisters, brother, dog, fish, and rabbit.


After hearing about TeenPact from friends at co-op, Selah saved up for months to be able to attend her first Four Day Class. Even though she was excited to go, her expectations were blown away and she couldn’t get enough. Since then, God has used TeenPact to shape her into the person she is today, instilling confidence and training in her to impact the culture. She looks forward to seeing how other Students’ lives will be transformed this State Class Season and is grateful for the opportunity to Intern with TeenPact.


At home, Selah spends much of her time working at Chick-fil-A, reading, writing poetry, going to thrift stores, and creating art. Her favorite thing is chasing the sunset with friends while driving with the windows down and listening to music. After interning with TeenPact, Selah plans on attending Bethlehem College & Seminary to study Theology. She hopes to use her degree and passion for ministry by working for churches and nonprofits in Communications.