2021 TeenPact Intern

Seth Martin

Seth Martin calls the commonwealth of Virginia home. Living in the suburbs of the growing Richmond area, Seth loves to brew a nice cup of coffee and will talk endlessly about anything written by Tolkien. As a self-admitted introverted extrovert, he loves to spend time with his nieces and nephews but can also be found outside playing a TeenPact classic: Ultimate Frisbee.


Having grown up watching his seven older siblings participate actively in TeenPact, Seth has loved seeing people his age who are on fire for Christ. While Seth has been greatly impacted by countless TeenPact friendships over the years, having his brother, Noah, pray over him at his first State Class is one of his fondest memories. When not at TeenPact, Seth can be found working as a barista at a bakery, reading a good book, or spending time with friends, all while displaying his goofy and caring personality.