Tylah Lynn

Born in the Peach State, but proud to be an Okie for most of her life, Tylah calls the grassy plains of Tulsa, Oklahoma her homestead. The baby of four girls, she thrives on flexibility and going with the flow as she spent the majority of her childhood traveling cross country crammed in a Ford F250 camping with her family wherever her parents’ work took them. Her time traveling the country left plenty of time and room in her imagination to develop a love for reading and writing her own novels. 


A walking documentary herself, Tylah thrives on learning new things and sharing them with others. When she isn’t traveling or writing novels, you can find her in the kitchen whipping up some chocolate ganache or finishing the final touches on her masterpiece birthday cake. 


TeenPact has been a trajectory setter for Tylah since 2017 and instilled in her a deep love for cultivating relationships. Experiencing this herself with an intern at her first State Class, she aspires to invest in others and grow alongside them. Tylah is humbled and ecstatic to be serving as an intern this year, and looks forward to many more opportunities to foster community and spread the gospel.