2020 TeenPact Intern

Wes Swain

Wes Swain resides in a northern suburb of Atlanta, Suwanee Georgia. He lives there with his two parents, Ben and Suzanne. He also enjoys the company of his two sisters, Hannah and Abby. 


Wes first got involved with TeenPact at the young age of 10 during his first One Day Class. Participation in TeenPact was highly valued in the Swain home because of his sisters’ previous involvement in the ministry. Though initially quite scared, Wes was impacted by the way that the staffers loved and guided him through his first class. This experience was just the first of many ways God was going to shape him into the man and leader he would become.


Wes loves TeenPact because of the skills that he learned from the events and, most importantly, because of the push to become more like Jesus. As Wes Interns this season, he is thrilled for the ability to serve in whatever capacity he is needed and for the opportunity to foster relationships and to depend on the Lord for his strength.


Outside of TeenPact Wes can be found with friends and family playing frisbee, golf, and board games, making stickers, working, or listening to music. Wes is also passionate about running his own business called Swain Scapes where he provides pressure washing services and lawn care. In his free time, Wes often likes to learn about automotive mechanics. Wes also loves anything minty and has a serious sweet tooth!