Whitnie Yoder

The rural panhandle of Florida is where Whitnie calls home. Bordering Georgia and Alabama, the small town of Altha is characterized by agriculture, sweet tea, and humidity. The panhandle beaches are a favorite of the Yoders and are one of two places in the world with natural sand dunes. Just inside the Central Time Zone, Whitnie and her family enjoy living an hour behind the rest of the state. The third of four daughters, Whitnie loves her sisters, Nathalie, Anslie, and Valerie, and her parents, Beaver and Michelle. Their dogs, Samantha and Piper hold a special place in the Yoder home.


Growing up on a farm and ranch, Whitnie has always loved the American agriculture industry. Her time is filled with helping out on the ranch, heading to cow shows on the weekends, and reading a good book when a spare minute is found. When she’s not at work or helping with chores, Whitnie loves going on sunset walks with friends and family, drinking coffee, or listening to old country music.


Whitnie loves connecting with new friends and discussing the truth of the Word with others. She is most excited about traveling the nation and meeting new people this upcoming State Class Season.